The real world is *hard*

Printer filament arrived and the print was duly set going. The first dozen or fifteen attempts all had the same problem: The first layer didn’t stick to the print bed. The internet was consulted. The options were myriad. Masking tape. Pritt Stick. Panes of glass and custom chemicals were all suggested.

In the end I think I found the problem. The bed is not *perfectly* even and my budgie stand is just about as broad a print that it can do, so if one corner is off by a fraction then the print doesn’t stick. Once a thread hasn’t stuck it will continue to ruin the print even if other parts of the print bed work better.

I could spend forever adjusting and testing and gluing and taping, but I decided for a simpler test I would print something with a smaller footprint so and unevenness in the print bed would not be such a problem. And a generous dose of pritt stick into the bargain.

Print #1 is underway. Destiny awaits.

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