RPS Chess is a simple boardgame designed by Tailsteak and explained in a webcomic here.

The current series of posts is a tutorial for building an Android version of this game, with everyone learning as we go. I’m certainly finding it a worthwhile experience. Solutions will be discovered on the fly and a complete re-engineering once it’s done, just to see what happens, is already part of the development plan.

The actual posts you want to follow to play along at home are tagged RPSChess so you can keep to the good stuff and ignore the off topic posts that turn up from time to time.

We have worked through creating this game as a single custom view that responds to touch screen events to slide bitmaps around the board. We’ve taken that as far as we can without getting lost in the details of making a game work and losing sight of making *Android* work, so we’re starting again from scratch and re-implementing it as a ViewGroup board with ImageView children. This version is proving to be a great deal simpler and would be the way I’d tackle a similar project in future.

Alas, this project was hit by a combination of hard-disk failures and inadequate backups. On the up side, following my own instructions to get the code back together is proving to be an excellent learning experience for making my code clearer and my posts easier to understand.

Current state of development