Nobody wants backup

Everyone wants restore.

My computer started having issues booting and random failures while I was working with it. This culminated in it completely failing to start. Fortunately it had a factory restore option (when did companies stop supplying Windows cds?) which got it back on its feet long enough to run a chkdsk and identify a lot of bad blocks.

Now I’ve recovered from that it’s behaving much better, although it still refuses to recover from hibernation. Fixing that is an investigation in progress.

I’ve not been updating this tutorial while the computer was in intensive care, but I reckon it’s good enough to be going on with just now. Which leaves me one last problem.

Factory restore trashed all my data and, like everyone else, I didn’t have a recent backup. Fortunately the factory restore option had a backup option, but I’m not sure how much it got due to the mentioned bad blocks. Getting back to where we were and finishing the next post is a job for the next couple of days, after which the regular schedule should return and we’ll wrap up this project and move onto the next. For the next project I’ll be taking on some of your requests and writing the articles as self-contained posts with all of the code posted each time.

Executive summary: Take a backup of your work today.

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